Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Lavender and Panela Lemonade

Happy Spring Equinox! What have you got loads of in your garden (or your neighbours garden)? Lavender and lemon, that's what! This perfect spring drink epitomises fresh, local and in season. You may be new to eating/drinking lavender, so this is the perfect introduction to this calming and nourishing flower. It would make a great children's 'party' drink too, especially watered down with sparkling mineral water. The organic panela adds so much nourishment of minerals compared to it's white sugar alternative. I hope you give it a go. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

When Holidays Just Aren't Holidays Anymore

We've recently returned from three weeks travelling the south island of New Zealand. It is absolutely every bit as beautiful as everyone says it is! We hired a small campervan so that we could be flexible about where we went and how long we stayed there. I'm a mountains, lakes, glaciers kinda girl so the scenery really was heaven for me. I loved the fresh air and living outside, the freedom of going where ever we wanted, the roadside fresh produce, the dramatic weather changes and the wonder in the kids faces. So much so, that I'm about ready to quit 'real life' and just live out of a van and travel this beautiful planet. The question still remains though..."How was your holiday??" ummmm...well...

Monday, 1 December 2014

My First Born Son

I've decided to post this here. May my experience be a positive influence in your perspective of birth.

There came a time in my labour, when although I could feel my baby's head, he still felt so far away. It felt like he was over a mountain that I was looking at in the distance. My midwife said "your baby is so close", and I honestly couldn't believe it. I was using what felt like every molecule of my body to bring him out, but he still wasn't in my arms. I had to find more. More energy, more motivation, more faith, more force. You can't know where that 'more' comes from, but it does come. So with that slippery, vulnerable, perfect baby on my chest all I could think was "I did it"! I made this angel! My body brought him to life! A power filled me for the days and months afterwards, where I felt like no challenge would ever be too big again.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How Kids Benefit from Flowers

I seriously love flowers. Having some colour in the garden to pick and bring into the house is such a luxury of having a garden. They can also be found wild on a bushwalk or in other gardens or parks when you're out and about. I've been thinking about all the benefits for kids of having access to flowers and all the ways they can observe, experience and learn from them. It's a long list!

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Building and Learning

My Dad is one of those really handy guys. I think it comes from being a farmer - you just have to know how to do A LOT of stuff. When he heard that we wanted to build an arbor for growing our veggies over, he immediately had ideas and wanted to help. Of course this was greatly received! We had already purchased the poly pipe and wire and Dad got some aluminium poles to go inside the pipe. You should have seen the excitement on Elijah's face as he was able to help quite a bit. He was thrilled to learn he was strong enough for cutting the wire and with my watchful eye was able to meticulously make each snip (until he got interested in doing something else). It brought back lots of my childhood memories of fence building and Dad showing ME how to cut the wire and tie the fence to the posts. I was thinking 'How do kids learn this stuff if their families don't show them?' I still don't know the answer. Pretty awesome for a just turned three year old to have this experience at home. There was just so much opportunity for learning this day - problem solving, maths, engineering, physical skills and cooperation.  Now we just have to wait and see if the beans, malabar spinach, zucchini, pumpkins and cucumbers will climb up. I hope they do! 

Friday, 31 October 2014

October in the Vegetable Garden

October has been a month of change for the vegetable garden. Lots of finished plants have been removed and the soil has been filled with sheep and chook manure and compost from our garden. It's pretty exciting planning the veggies that will be ready in the summer. It's been a year since we moved to Melbourne and so our vegetable garden is coming up to its first birthday. Watching the cycle of it brings Elijah and I so much joy. He said to me this week "Mummy we're planting the tomatoes so they'll be ready in the summer! Is it summer yet?" Of course he got that little phrase from one of our favourite books by Nikki McClure. It inspires me to keep going with it even just for all the great learning opportunities for us all - not to mention the delicious produce! The beetroots were a bit of a disappointment - quite small and woody (I think the seed was old), and carrots still remain a great success and favourite of the kids. We've been having freshly picked herbal tea every day, kale chips regularly, broad bean falafel and dip and eating the peas before they even get inside. So excited to see the big growth and change that happens over the next month.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Blessingway

As many of my friends prepare to welcome new babes into their arms and hearts I am (not very secretly) hoping they have a blessingway. A blessingway is a gathering for the purpose of encouraging, pampering, blessing and nurturing the mother and baby in preparation for giving birth. It is a celebration of the miracle of pregnancy and the transition into motherhood. It is a lovely alternative to the 'baby shower' without all the presents and funny games. Traditionally a part of Native American culture, the blessingway is gaining popularity among western women who seek some ceremony and meaning to the preparation for motherhood. Usually a small group of female friends or family are invited to bless the mother. I have included some of my favourite blessingway activities and ideas.

Monday, 13 October 2014

A New Friend

I'm thrilled to have finished and gifted this little cutie to a precious new babe. A dear friend (who is also a very crafty Mama) birthed this week and I only finished this little soft toy gnome the day before. The pattern is from Ravelry here and made from various scraps of sheep's wool, cotton and alpaca wool. We're so excited to have another play mate for our camping trips and general adventures of life, and hope this little doll might become a good friend too. The pattern fits in with the Rudolf Steiner teachings of simple, natural toys for small children. There is no face so that the child can play creatively with the dolls emotions - rather than the doll always having a big smile. It can be imagined to be awake, asleep, happy, sad, excited, angry, scared etc. The gender is also able to be decided by the child, or changed each day. Encouraging creative play is so important to children's growth and development and understanding of the world.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Happy International Babywearing Week!

It's International Babywearing Week everyone! So here's the what, why, where, how, and when of our babywearing experiences and some cute pics. In fact quite a lot of pics. I'm a little obsessed! Share the experience!

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September in the Vegetable Garden

Spring is here! Lots of growth happening at our place at the moment. The purple beans are up - after we planted them together with some little playgroup friends. It's great for the kids to rush over and see the little shoots up through the soil. Elijah exclaimed recently "Mummy the Calendula is open" and my heart exploded with joy and pride. Ha, I think that makes me a nerdy herbalist. Our greenhouse has some successful seedlings on the go and its getting warm enough for them to transition into the ground. We've had some nice rain lately too, so everything is getting bigger by the day. We'll have broad beans to pick in no time! Loving the colours of the purple broccoli, beetroot, calendula and purple carrots. Eating a rainbow is easy around here. I've been making freshly picked herbal tea of peppermint and lemon balm leaves with calendula petals - ideal for settling nerves and cleansing. The five chooks are also laying about one egg a day now - so we've got loads of eggs to eat. We've been eating a lot of my Quinoa and Vegetable Mini Muffins and frittata. Looking forward to getting all the Summer seedlings into the ground in the coming weeks.