Friday, 16 March 2012

Felt Food

The wonders of food other than breast milk are still yet to amaze baby Elijah. We are now on the count down to his six month milestone which is only weeks away now, when we will start to see if he is interested in eating.

We are planning to use the principles of Baby Led Weaning to allow Elijah to feed himself and guide us in his discovery of the tastes, textures and colours of food. I had made a little pact with myself that we wouldn't introduce any solids until the body signs of first teeth and ability to sit unassisted were established, both which Eli mastered a few weeks ago. We decided to maintain exclusive breast milk until six months on recommendation from the World Health Organisation, and in the hope of reducing food intolerances of which we have a family full of! He is very excited about the prospect of family meal times, but for now enjoys the deliciousness of his felt and wool fruits and veggies. There sure is a lot less mess than real food!

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