Tuesday, 3 April 2012

First Foods

I have a baby who eats! Well maybe 'eats' is too strong a word. He has rather played with food, redecorated his clothes with it, thrown it around the house, examined it, tasted it and generally enjoyed the wonder of what arrives on his high-chair tray.

I am astounded at how he picks up the pieces of food and immediately passes them to his mouth. This is usually followed by a confused face as he realises that this food has flavour unlike his wooden, cloth and wool toys! Favourite flavours so far have been white nectarine, dried figs, avocado (of course!) and quinoa porridge. My quinoa crazed Mum even made him some quinoa rusks which have been just perfect to hold and suck. What a lucky baby!
Some important lessons have been learnt:
Avocado stains clothes
Porridge should be made thick so that it can be scooped with little fingers
If you drop food on the floor, then rinse it in water, it is too slippery to hold
You should be wearing as little as possible when eating - to prevent multiple loads of washing
The eight new bibs I sewed may not be enough
Small mouthfuls are large achievements
Eating the bowl or spoon is just as satisfying as eating the food

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