Monday, 28 May 2012

A Few of My Favourite Things

Eight months old today. These are a few of Elijah's favourite things.
: : Cody our cat - and any other cats for that matter. He is cat crazed.
: : Creating compost - by squishing food in his hand and then dropping it on the floor
: : Watching me brush my teeth - for some reason this is very funny
: : Having his socks off - especially to sleep
: : Grandmothers and Great Grandmothers - they are pretty fantastic I agree

: : Clapping hands - especially when someone else is doing it too
: : Waving to Dada Avocado - even in photos
: : Bubbles in water - water generally is a never ending source of enjoyment
: : Playing peek-a-boo - sometimes even with the clowns hanging from the roof above his cot
: : Finding fluff on the floor - he has become a little hawk-eye for mess I haven't cleaned up
: : Tickles on his neck and thighs - never fails in producing giggles
: : Crawling to plastic bags - its all that crinkling sound they make
: : Pulling washing off the clothes hanger - come to think of it he enjoys the whole clothes washing experience
: : Muma's kitchen dancing - I have been told before that its fairly amusing :)
: : Tickets, tags, labels - just like I used to be with my 'tick ticks'.
: : Beetroot - anyway how. 
: : Listening to familiar voices on the phone - and trying to grab the phone to talk to them himself

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