Thursday, 24 May 2012

Homebirth? Really? Why?

Nobody asks me why I chose to birth at home. I find that odd. Is that because they fear a ranting lunatic will force her opinions onto them? Perhaps that's fair enough, I can get a bit 'high horsey' about my take on health and health care. My siblings even used to refer to my passions about natural food and medicine as 'Natural-ism' as if it was a religion or some sect I belonged to. I assure you there's not quite that much doctrine! Anyway, in case you've been wondering, or afraid to ask, or are thinking about your own birth options, here are a few of the reasons we chose to birth at home.

: : I strongly believed that my baby and body would work together and 'know' what to do and therefore didn't see the need for being at the hospital unless there was an indication.
: : I wanted to choose a midwife who would care for me during the pregnancy, birth and post natal period - so that it was somebody I knew and trusted helping me on the day of the birth.
: : I wanted to be able to have full control over the people at my birth - which ended up only being Dada Avocado, two midwives and me, how special!
: : I wanted to be able to make as much or as little noise as felt natural - without worrying about who could hear it. Turns out I did quite a bit of growling.
: : I wanted to be able to be in water for the labour or birth if it felt right - I ended up spending almost all of the labour in a birth pool in my lounge room.
: : I wanted my own food! Actually I wanted my friends and family to be able to prepare food in my kitchen from real food ingredients for me. The thought of hospital food was a major turn off. Giving birth is such a tiring event that you want fabulous quality food and drink when you've finished the hard work. My first food after Elijah was born was miso soup sipped through a straw while he was having his first breastfeed.
: : I wanted to be able to use natural remedies freely without having to explain them or get them approved.
: : I wanted my own shower, my own bed, my own cat to cuddle, my own chemical free environment and my own space to celebrate the start of our family.
: : I only wanted to listen to the sounds of my baby - not everyone else's in the hospital.
: : We wanted to sleep with our baby in the bed if we wanted to and for me to feed him as much and as often as he needed.

So there it is. A great decision for us. It might also be right for you too.


  1. I highly commend you for doing that. I never questioned it as it seemed like the normal thing you would do considering your passion for natural ways. I would have chosen a waterbirth too if I wasn't having two!
    Well done and you are an inspiration to us all!

  2. Thanks Kaz! You're a sweetie xx