Friday, 4 May 2012

Right Tribe

I first came across the idea of 'Right Tribe' when reading Dan Buetttner's book The Blue Zones. It's an inspiring read if you haven't had the pleasure of picking it up before. The book is about the common lifestyle and dietary habits of the worlds longest and happiest living people. Of all the essentials to living fruitfully the one I always come back to and focus on the most is Right Tribe. The idea that we need to be surrounded by people who inspire, support, encourage and nurture us. They are our tribe.
Among some circles of people, telling them I am a Naturopath is a conversation ender, let alone mentioning my planned homebirth or my undying love of chickpeas. I have noticed that it is getting easier for me to accept that these people are not my 'Right Tribe', and to focus instead on fostering meaningful relationships with those I do feel are nourishing me as a person.
Last weekend a circle of mums gathered at my house to stitch, knit and sew together - in the spirit of growing our tribe. What a blessing it was to have some time to chat and chill out. I knitted these 5 rows, in between feeding and settling Elijah and cooing over another newborn. I did however also stitch this special Grandmother Earth who was a present for my mother in law. She is inspired by the work of Salley Mavor which I adore! She is made from wool, wool felt, a wooden bead, cotton and silk flowers. She is very magical.
Given that it takes a village to raise a child I am so thankful for the beautiful friends we have and the unwavering support of our families. Our tribe is pretty fantastic! What are you and your tribe up to this weekend?

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