Sunday, 10 June 2012

Truffle Treats

I'm sure I never used to eat this many treats. Lately I seem to be blaming it on my ravenous breastfeeding appetite, but I notice that's just an excuse. Either way, I have for you and yet another gluten, dairy and sugar free treat recipe packed full of healthy fats. Oh and its chocolatey too! Just the kind of treat I like to whip up when afternoon tea visitors pop in and I want something easy but impressive. Assure them that the little tasty bites are doing their memory, skin and heart health good and they'll be begging you for the recipe.

Truffle Treats

2 handfuls Raw Almonds
6 Fresh Dates
2 tbs Tahini
2 tbs Macadamia Nut Oil
4 tsp Raw Cocoa (fairtrade)
1/2 Orange Juiced
Sesame seeds, coconut, cocoa, chia seeds (all optional for rolling the truffle in)

Combine almonds, dates, tahini, macadamia nut oil, cocoa and orange juice in a blender, food processor or thermomix. Pulse until combined but not a smooth paste. Test mixture can be rolled into a ball in your hand and stick together. Add a little extra oil if needed. Roll into desired size truffles and coat in seeds, more cocoa or coconut or leave naked. Serve with roasted dandelion coffee and enjoy. 

The variations of this recipe are endless. Leave out the cocoa for a chocolate free option for kids; swap almonds for cashews, walnuts or macadamia nuts; use dried apricots or figs instead of dates; add coconut, psyllium husks, L.S.A to the mix. It's fairly hard to go wrong, so play around with a combination that works for your taste buds. If you like dairy free/gluten free and chocolate then you might also like my Chocolate, Beetroot and Pomegrante Brownies.

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