Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Comforting Sleep

When you wake we will come to you,
Pick you up and comfort you.
Cuddle, stroke, whisper and rock,
No matter what time is on the clock.

You cannot spoil your child with love. If rocking, feeding, cuddling or singing them back to sleep is what works for you, then do it. I will surely miss it when I am no longer needed to settle and comfort my baby.


  1. Couldn't agree more! - I believe what makes mentally strong children is confidence. If your child is confident that their parents are there to support them they will be calmer and more ready to take on bigger challenges.
    First, it will be a full nights sleep, then maybe going down the slide, then joining the local team, etc... Confidence, i'm guessing, comes from the word confide, as in trust. Without trust, what would you attempt? not a lot?

    let your children trust in you.


  2. Thanks Sean! It is our greatest honour to help our children feel trust and build their confidence from our love. Well put :)