Sunday, 8 July 2012

Lentil Breakfast with Orange Twist

"You're cooking what for breakfast?!" It's a shame Dada Avocado doesn't share my enthusiasm for 'dinner foods' early in the morning. I'm an 'anything can be breakfast' kind of eater, as evidenced by todays recipe. I frequently change my mind about which legume is my favourite. Common contenders are chickpeas, black turtle beans, red kidney beans and lentils. After spending time with some dear friends who are attempting the GAPS diet for digestive healing, I decided to put together a carbohydrate rich grain free breakfast. So today my favourite legume is lentils - and what's not to love? Iron, B vitamins, fibre for lowering cholesterol, protein for energy, blood sugar stabilising and so cheap! Most people can benefit from a regular grain free breakfast, especially those wanting to lose weight. This porridge employs the tang of freshly juiced oranges and a bit of spice and crunch. Enjoy.

Lentil Breakfast with Orange Twist

1 Cup Green/Brown Lentils (Moong Dal)
1 3/4 Cups Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (2 Oranges)
2 1/2 Cups Filtered Water
1 tbs Ghee
Handful of chopped Walnuts
2 tbs Sesame Seeds
1 Cup Almond Milk (or prefered milk)
2 tbs Hulled Tahini
1 tbs Honey
1 tsp ground cinnamon

Comine the dried lentils with the freshly squeezed orange juice and leave covered to soak overnight. This helps to improve the digestibility of the lentils by reducing the phytates, as well as helping them take on the flavour of the orange. Add the soaked lentils and filtered water to a pot and cook on medium heat on the stove (or in a pressure cooker) until soft and no longer crunchy. If the water is all absorbed, but the lentils are still not cooked, add more water to complete cooking - all dried legumes vary in their cooking times and liquid requirements. In a skillet heat the ghee and lightly toast the walnuts and sesame seeds. Wisk together the almond milk, tahini, honey and cinnamon. Place the cooked lentils into bowls and top with the almond/tahini cream and then the nuts.   Makes two large serves.

 Go ahead, try it. Let me know what you think. Elijah loved it by the way, and Dada Avocado wasn't game ;)


  1. Love it Em! Great idea, can't wait to try it!

  2. Thanks Meg! I'm really looking forward to your week on The food matters project, think I'll make some 'sandwiches' too xx