Monday, 2 July 2012

Waldorf Winter Snowman

The seasonal table or nature table is a place in our home to celebrate and observe the changing seasons of the year and the cycles within nature. For now I do this for me, but in the coming years it will be a great activity for our family to do together. Collecting tid bits from nature and celebrating the wonders of the season is commonplace in the Waldorf/Steiner tradition of living and education. I really enjoy noticing the little things on our walks or trips to the park, and it won't be long before Elijah is running off to collect something special he wants added to the table - even if it is a dirty rock.

Our seasonal table is slowly gathering goodies from Winter. I just love the colours and collections from Autumn, it's been hard to say goodbye to them for another year. This beauty of a snowman is leading the way for the transformation of the table. The snow is starting to fall on the mountains, although we don't live close enough to see it! This snowman reminds me of the fun of playing in the snow and the first time my siblings and I touched (and ate) snow. Here's how I made him.

Waldorf Winter Snowman
You Will Need:

White Wool Tops/Wool Roving
Dry Felting Needle
Coloured wool (for knitted scarf)
Coloured Wool Tops/Wool Roving (for buttons)
Wool Felt (for hat)
Embroidery Cotton
Embroidery Needle
Pair 3.5cm Knitting Needles

1. Pull off some white wool rovings and shape loosely into a ball. Use a dry felting needle to secure the shape of a smaller ball for the head and a plump ball for the body. Needle felt the body and head together. 
2. Using 3.5cm knitting needles cast on 3 stitches. Work in garter stitch until desired length of the scarf. cast off and sew in loose ends. 
3. Needle felt some small dot of coloured wool rovings onto the body of the snowman for buttons. 
4. Cut a triangle of wool felt and fold in half, making sure that this is able to fit on your snowmans head. Stitch together the shorter edges of the triangle to make a peaked hat. 
5. Needle felt the hat onto the head. 

There you have it, simple and special. Of course you could add twigs for arms and other needle felted facial features if you like.

Happy Winter crafting :)

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