Friday, 21 September 2012

Coconut Custard

I made a mistake. I was trying to make coconut milk yoghurt, and it didn't set. I'm still not sure why. I want coconut yoghurt for icing on Elijah's birthday cake instead of the usual cream cheese icing on carrot cake. I want a dairy free cake you see. I'll have to keep experimenting - or find some to buy. Anyway...this morning I had 500ml of coconut milk (with some honey and probiotics in it) that needed using. This eggy, protein rich, fantastically nourishing custard is what resulted.

Coconut Custard

500ml Organic Coconut Milk (full fat)
2 Organic Eggs
3 Tbs Corn Flour
2 Tbs Raw Honey (or to taste)
1/2 tsp Vanilla

Freshly grated nutmeg to serve.

I combined all ingredients in my Thermomix and cooked at 90 deg on speed 4 for 10 minutes. You could just as easily combine all ingredients - with eggs beaten- in a saucepan and stir on medium heat until thickened. Serve with nutmeg grated on top.

How easy is that! Coconut milk is a great food for growing little ones due to its beneficial effect on immunity, healthy digestion and skin. Make sure you only choose the full fat version rather than the 'lite' or fat reduced because it is the fat that contains all the goodness. Being gluten, dairy and sugar free this recipe makes a great allergy friendly accompaniment to fruit, but we had it for breakfast. How decadent! If you're lucky maybe your little one will moisturise their hair with it too. 

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