Sunday, 16 September 2012

Moons and Spoons

Hi. I'm back. Things have been a bit hectic around here. So many new lessons are being learnt by all of us, I feel they are too many to name. Thought I'd share an exciting new achievement for this week with you though. Eating with a spoon! This week marks the first attempts of Elijah scooping food onto his spoon and actually consistently getting it into his mouth. He loves it, and now refuses to eat anything unless he can attempt to spoon it in himself. Yes independence is growing daily!

It is a new moon tonight which means Elijah is now 12 moons old - his actual birthday is not until the 28th though. I can hardly believe myself as I type that. What a spectacularly blessed 12 moon cycles we have had. Of course the impending birthday means impending celebration and that means FOOD. So I have been happily using precious spare moments to ponder over which recipe for the birthday cake. I'm currently thinking something spiced apple and carrot-y (gluten, dairy and soy free of course). I'd love your recipe ideas if you any fav's. I'm also very busy sewing and crafting with a few bits and pieces for Elijah's birthday and for the decorations. You'll see them as I finish them though.

Here is part of this mornings breakfast - tahini and banana. Let's just say "don't bother cleaning your house if Elijah is coming over for a meal" ;)


  1. welcome back we missed you xx

  2. Aww thanks Bel! Glad to be back. xx