Sunday, 23 September 2012

Reminiscing on a Sunday

This time last year I was 40 weeks pregnant. I felt a mixed bag of emotions with reaching my due date. A feeling of relief that my baby hadn't come too early. A feeling of trepidation as the reality of giving birth was imminent. An overwhelming impatience to meet the new member of our family. A longing for having my baby in my arms. And a terrible over thinking of 'is that a labour symptom?' as I constantly wondered when the time would be right for the baby to come.

So when I woke on the Sunday morning, having had obvious signs of labour the previous night which were completely gone by morning (which had been happening for a week), we called some friends. It was time to have a day away from our house and get into nature. Lucky for us our friends had no plans and were happy to take us out in their boat for a little sunshine and a bumpy boat ride to help the baby along. 

We had a lovely lazy Sunday laying on the sand, making daisy chains from the cape weed and letting the baby know that we were ready whenever it was. The river was so relaxing! Another three days later we had our son tucked up in bed with us - born at home. What a lovely memory.