Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Happy 1st Birthday

What matters to a one year old on his birthday? Only love. A feeling of being surrounded by special people in a celebration of happiness. 
What matters to a one year old's parents on his birthday? Only Love. Like nothing they had ever imagined possible until twelve months before. 
The miracle of watching a baby turn into a boy grows increasingly miraculous by the day. We wanted a simple gathering of Elijah's special tribe to celebrate with us. 
We asked for no presents, and for a written memory or wish for Eli's future instead. They will be such a great read when he is older! I made a rainbow streamer which I hope will be used for many a family celebration to come. It was a great feeling at the end of the party to not have a whole lot of one-time-use rubbish and decorations to fill the bin. 

Elijah was so excited he even clapped himself after everyone sang Happy Birthday to him!

I sewed this teepee play tent for Elijah's birthday present. It tethered nicely to the clothes line as it was a little windy. Believe it or not, it fits in our lounge room too! 

Oh and the food of course. A table full of herbal teas, birthday cupcakes, a FABULOUS fruit skewer tower made by my siblings as well as dips and chocolate brownies

As you can see we had a lovely afternoon. Most of all we are just elated to have a perfectly perfect one year old. 

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