Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Becoming a One Car Family

We reached the point where our old Renault - which was our second car - just wasn't worth holding onto anymore. It was kind of a big deal to decide to only have one car, given that Dada Avocado works 35 minutes drive away and would need the car most days. We really wanted a cheaper, more environmentally friendly option. Enter fabulous bike and trailer. Cycling freedom!

My bike (which I was actually borrowing from a friend) was stolen the day I found out I was pregnant with Elijah, and I took it as a sign that I shouldn't ride while pregnant. So I didn't, and boy did I miss it! In the first few months with a new born cycling didn't cross my mind. As time passed though and Elijah reached about 9 months I was ready. I found this great bike second hand on ebay and decided we wanted a trailer with all the safety and comfort bells and whistles. Its a Chariot and even converts into a stroller. 

At first Elijah wasn't so keen on the helmet, but still loved the ride. He would often fall asleep on the way home from somewhere, just like he did on the way back from a swim this morning. I feel really positive about the reduction in our fuel consumption and the opportunity to teach Elijah that commuting doesn't have to be always about the car. It's really nice the little things you can observe when you're cycling along, like newly blooming flowers or trucks tooting us (E's favourite!). People are generally really positive about it and smile and wave to us and encourage me. There have been the odd negative comments, but I don't let them deter me. 

So what's it like only having one car? Well I just have to plan ahead more. I go to do grocery shopping in the evening when the car is free. I ask to borrow Mum's car a bit for necessary out of town trips. I choose non peak times to cycle. We save loads of money on car registration, insurance, maintenance and fuel. It's more environmentally friendly. It's provides exercise for me and enjoyment for Elijah. For now it's excellent. I may require a few layers of wind and water proofing by August, but I'm still keen!

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