Saturday, 17 November 2012

Family, Flowers and a Nasturtium Salad

I can hardly believe that we're halfway through November and Summer is fast approaching. My enjoyment of the outdoors has been somewhat reduced lately by the worst hay fever of my life. I'm guessing it'll pass soon as the grasses die off. It better! On a positive note, I've noticed a pattern with the women in my family. We plant flowers. Really pretty flowers. One of my earliest memories of my Grandmother's house in suburban Melbourne is of her picking fresh flowers and arranging them for the table most days. She was, and still is a great lover of pansies, as are my Mum and I. They seem to be our family flower. My sister who recently moved house has even planted some pretty patio flowers for her balcony. 
Before Elijah was born I planted a packet of cottage garden seeds, which flowered for his first months of life, and have returned this year (plus a whole lot of weeds!) for us to enjoy. I also filled these little pots with pansies for his birthday, which are still flowering now. Do you have a family flower?

While we're talking flowers, I thought I'd share with you this bright spring salad with pungent nasturtium flowers. Nasturtium has a very peppery flavour and when eaten raw you can feel it clearing your sinus (not unlike horseradish), which is exactly what my hay fever ridden nose needs! All you do is pick the flowers straight from the vine and you can eat them raw. They have a traditional herbal medicine use as an antibacterial - so ideal for sinus infections, coughs and colds.

Nasturtium Salad

1 Handful Nasturtium Flowers (freshly picked)
2 Handfuls of Baby Spinach and/or Rocket leaves
1 Ripe Tomato
1/2 Handful of Sunflower Seeds
1 tbs grape seed oil
Goats Fetta to taste

Slice the tomato and combine with the grape seed oil and bake in the oven at 180 Celsius for 10 minutes. Add sunflower seeds and bake another 5-10 minutes until seeds are toasted. 
Combine in bowl spinach, nasturtium, tomato and sunflower seeds and crumble in some goats fetta. How easy is that! 

The wonderful world of medicinal and edible flowers is so exciting! Do you have a favourite flower recipe? Pansies are by-the-way edible and medicinal, especially for the heart health.

Happy flower growing :)


  1. The weeds are having a party while im hiding inside from the hay fever to, cant wait to get back out into the garden.
    we had a Nasturtium plant in the back yard when i was growing up and i remember picking the flowers and remember people saying 'people eat them you know' i never new if i should believe them, but i do now :-) so i must add this to my garden collection now and try it :-)

  2. Nice one Em! I love nasturtium flowers!!

  3. : :Oh Bel, my weeds are out of control (as they always are) and the lawn is a forest! Oh well, more time for inside cooking and craft (and running around after our toddlers!) :)

    : :Thanks Meg x