Wednesday, 21 November 2012

'Those Mothers'

I want to tell you something. I'm not one of 'those mothers'. I can't do everything. Here's a little window into my home. I frequently have:

: : a 'floor-drobe' of un-ironed clothes laying on the bedroom floor
: : a sink full of dishes
: : plants wilting in my garden
: : lawn needing cutting
: : miserable veggies in my crisper
: : a load of nappies needing washing
: : a half sewn piece of something strewn over my sewing machine
: : a book I've read 20 pages of and then nothing more

So what was I doing instead? Probably reading with my son, sleeping, looking at craft ideas online, obsessing over cook books, visiting friends, seeing my patients, cooking dinner, changing nappies, breastfeeding, playing at the park or watching a movie with my husband. When my friends call and ask if I want to catch up, I look at the dishes and think "They can wait". Our relationships with people is what lasts forever.

You know what? 'Those mothers' who can be everything: Mamma, lover, worker, provider, nourisher, cleaner, book keeper, cook - all of the time. They don't exist. Except in the minds of other mothers like us. It's ok to accept what we're not and rejoice in what we are. Every mother is just doing her best :)


  1. What a perfect post to read. You've nailed it muma A! Renee

  2. Thanks Renne! You're a sweetie.

  3. Love it! When I have a spotless house it usually means I haven't had time to craft or work on any personal projects or blog. If you throw whole-food preparation and cooking into the mix and there's never enough time in the day. Thank you for keeping it real.