Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A Bright Beanie

My latest knitting project is done! This great little beanie - which in our house is referred to as a helmet. All hats are helmets at the moment. It comes with the motorbike obsession my nineteen month old has. He is frequently seen with something on his head, a pair of rubber gloves covering his hands and his gumboots on his toes, delightfully pushing along on his trike. It's a great game!

The hat pattern is the Luuk hat from Ravelry made to the toddler size from Bendigo Woollen Mills Murano pure wool. I love how the colours turned out. It only just fits though! So perhaps I should have done that test square... Oh well, just an excuse to make another one in a few months time.

The pattern was simple to follow and actually reminded me of knitting this little cupcake for a special little one year old's birthday. I do love knitting in the round! Any craft happening at your house?

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