Sunday, 28 April 2013

Eating, Crafting and Growing Another Babe

I'm back. Not that I've been away. I've just been busy, or too tired, or too preoccupied. You know how it is. I'm very excited though, because in the Spring (in Australia) we will have a new family member! So my days are currently spent making the most of the day time sleep my darling toddler still has. This often involves napping myself. Today however it brings me the pleasure of getting a move on with this beanie I'm knitting Elijah for winter. More on that when it's done.
Needless to say, I've also been busy eating, eating and more eating. Forget all that you read about not needing to 'eat for two'. I do. Hence this pizza is all mine! A quick cheats version using a pita bread topped with tomato puree, sliced capsicum, sliced pumpkin, goats cheese, olives and fresh rocket after cooking. Perfect for a hungry Muma craving pizza (which I am all the time!)

It's nice to be back. Hope things are happy in your part of the World too.

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