Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dehydrated Fruit Snacks

There's been such lovely sunshine the last few days! Nothing like a frost in the morning and then sun on your back during the day. I'm loving it! I've had my dehydrator out making some snacks - which are so easy. I've had a surplus of apples so I made what Elijah likes to call 'apple chips' as well as some apple and rhubarb fruit roll ups. 

Making your own dried fruit is a fabulous alternative to the shop bought ones as you can make them preservative and sugar free. Most dried fruit like sultanas and dried apricots etc contain a sulphur based preservative in the range of 220-228. In actual fact these preservatives are commonly also found in fruit juice, bread, biscuits, yoghurts with fruit in them, packets of snack nuts and seeds, sausages and deli meats like devon etc. All very commonly eaten by kids!

These preservatives are most often associated with asthma type reactions, but I have seen them contribute to hyperactivity effects, rashes, hayfever, tummy upset and sleep disturbance in children and adults. To read more about sulphites and reducing preservatives this is a great fact sheet from FedUp. 

To make 100% fruit snacks in a dehydrator you simply thinly slice the fruit, lay it on the trays and switch it on. I also sometimes precook (like the apples and rhubarb) and then blend the fruit to make the fruit strips. So easy. Just takes about 12 hours to wait for them to be ready. Watch the whole family eat a LOAD of fruit this way.

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