Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Digging Deeper

We're here. A family of four. Emma, Joshua, Elijah and Amélie. Lots of things have changed. We now live in the northern suburbs of Melbourne and have done since our little girl was only three weeks old (she's eight months now!). Life is very different building our new home here, away from many friends and family. We're happy though. Really happy. Individually, and as a family. People ask "What's been going on?", and I can only think to answer with how many loads of washing I've done. So here's some of what else fills our days. 

: : Sitting. Just watching the day. Watching the season. Watching the changes within us and within the World around us.

: : Carrying On. Wrapping our little ones up. Cuddling as long as is needed. Keeping on going.

: : Searching. Trying to find the eggs, the scissors, the bath plug, the answers to our questions. 

: : Digging Deeper. In our garden and in ourselves.

: : Finding. The worms. The energy. The patience. The persistence. The gratitude.

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