Friday, 27 June 2014

Heirloom Baby Blanket

This is a luxuriously soft and oh-so-beautiful baby blanket I recently finished for a dear friend's new baby boy. It's the Heirloom blanket pattern from 'Vintage Knits for Modern Babies' - I do love that book! Knit in Blue Sky Alpacas organic worsted cotton in colour 'sleet'. The first time I've knitted a blanket and my biggest ever knitting project. The yarn is so silky soft and the pattern very easy after a few rows. All the hours knitting allowed for lots of positive manifestation for a wonderful birth and life for this new babe. I did have some doubts around one third of the way through: Would I finish it? Would it be appreciated? What will I do if I make a mistake I can't fix? What if one of my children pull it apart when I'm not looking? In the end, that's just all part of the meditation for me. I can learn to let go of the fact that all those hours of knitting might be pulled out in only a minute of my back turned, or that it might not be finished in time for the baby's birth. I'm very very very proud of how it turned out, and my lovely friend did appreciate it :) So excited to welcome new babies to this wonderful World. 

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