Sunday, 17 August 2014

August in the Vegetable Garden

I'm so excited about how well our veggies are growing since moving to Melbourne 10 months ago. I've decided to try and keep a monthly photo record of what's happening. I'm also starting a garden journal so I can keep track of when I planted each seed or seedling and how they went. We've had a few days of beautiful Winter sunshine lately and getting out in the garden has been so nice. The smell of the daphne flowering is divine! I love how easy Winter veggie gardening is - you just watch it grow.

At the moment we have growing but not ready to harvest:
: : Broad beans
: : Globe beetroots
: : Purple dragon carrots
: : Sugar snap peas
: : Garlic
: : Nasturtium
: : Calendula
: : More broccoli

: : Broccoli
: : Confetti Coriander
: : Parsley
: : Kavallo Nero (Black Kale)
: : Curly Kale
: : Lettuces
: : Roquette
: : Silverbeet
: : Chickweed
: : Celery
: : Beetroot tops

Just finished and pulled out:
: : Cauliflower
: : Tatsoi
: : More Broccoli

Not working:
: : I planted a row of parsnip seeds the same time as the beetroot and carrots and there's no sign of them.
: : There are some spectacular looking brussels sprouts plants that don't look like producing. I think they went in a bit late (and maybe it doesn't get frosty enough here for them).

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