Monday, 13 October 2014

A New Friend

I'm thrilled to have finished and gifted this little cutie to a precious new babe. A dear friend (who is also a very crafty Mama) birthed this week and I only finished this little soft toy gnome the day before. The pattern is from Ravelry here and made from various scraps of sheep's wool, cotton and alpaca wool. We're so excited to have another play mate for our camping trips and general adventures of life, and hope this little doll might become a good friend too. The pattern fits in with the Rudolf Steiner teachings of simple, natural toys for small children. There is no face so that the child can play creatively with the dolls emotions - rather than the doll always having a big smile. It can be imagined to be awake, asleep, happy, sad, excited, angry, scared etc. The gender is also able to be decided by the child, or changed each day. Encouraging creative play is so important to children's growth and development and understanding of the world.

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