Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September in the Vegetable Garden

Spring is here! Lots of growth happening at our place at the moment. The purple beans are up - after we planted them together with some little playgroup friends. It's great for the kids to rush over and see the little shoots up through the soil. Elijah exclaimed recently "Mummy the Calendula is open" and my heart exploded with joy and pride. Ha, I think that makes me a nerdy herbalist. Our greenhouse has some successful seedlings on the go and its getting warm enough for them to transition into the ground. We've had some nice rain lately too, so everything is getting bigger by the day. We'll have broad beans to pick in no time! Loving the colours of the purple broccoli, beetroot, calendula and purple carrots. Eating a rainbow is easy around here. I've been making freshly picked herbal tea of peppermint and lemon balm leaves with calendula petals - ideal for settling nerves and cleansing. The five chooks are also laying about one egg a day now - so we've got loads of eggs to eat. We've been eating a lot of my Quinoa and Vegetable Mini Muffins and frittata. Looking forward to getting all the Summer seedlings into the ground in the coming weeks.

At the moment we have growing but not ready to harvest:
: : Broad beans
: : Garlic
: : Nasturtium
: : Purple climbing beans
: : Chamomile

: : Purple sprouting broccoli
: : Confetti Coriander
: : Parsley
: : Peppermint
: : Lemon Balm
: : Sage
: : Kavallo Nero (Black Kale)
: : Curly Kale
: : Roquette
: : Chives
: : Silverbeet
: : Calendula
: : Chickweed
: : Celery
: : Beetroot
: : Sugar snap peas
: : Purple Dragon Carrots

Seedlings about to go in the ground:
: : Tomatoes
: : Zucchini (tromboncino)
: : Butternut pumpkin
: : Malabar climbing spinach
: : Lebanese Cucumber
: : Lettuce
: : Echinacea

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