Tuesday, 25 November 2014

How Kids Benefit from Flowers

I seriously love flowers. Having some colour in the garden to pick and bring into the house is such a luxury of having a garden. They can also be found wild on a bushwalk or in other gardens or parks when you're out and about. I've been thinking about all the benefits for kids of having access to flowers and all the ways they can observe, experience and learn from them. It's a long list!

What can kids do with flowers?

: : Plant the seeds
: : Wait for them to bloom
: : Pick them
: : Pull the petals apart
: : Smell them
: : Make a daisy chain
: : Learn to identify them
: : Learn the different parts of a flower
: : Identify the colours
: : Count the petals
: : Learn their medicinal properties
: : Eat them (well some of them)
: : Watch them dry and turn to seeds
: : Decorate things with them
: : Make a posie or put them in a vase
: : Make a garland
: : Trace them
: : Use them as a paint stamp
: : Dry and press them

Here's a few from our spring garden. We've been pressing and drying some and bringing them inside for our dinner table. They make a wonderful natural scent for the house and add a little bit of colour. I've started a new challenge to myself to have something always flowering in the garden - shouldn't be too hard!

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