I have been a passionate and enthusiastic clinical Naturopath and Herbalist since 2008. I have predominantly practiced in a large multi-modality clinic in regional Victoria called Natremed. My experience is extensive, working with all ages of people from the newly conceived to the very old.

My passion is in establishing connections with people and their health stories so that together we can find solutions to their problems.

I love working with families and empowering people to use food, home grown remedies, relaxation and human connection as their medicine. As a Naturopath I also prescribe nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and flower essence remedies to address underlying causes of disease.

I became interested in natural medicine after a long period of my own ill health. It was the basic philosophy that each aspect of the body, mind and spirit were connected - and that the underlying factors of each needed to be addressed - that I fell in love with.

Over the years of being with patients, I have come to see my work as deeply privileged, and I have met many beautiful people who have shaped my outlook on life.

I have been on maternity leave since September 2013, and have since moved to Melbourne.

I am excited to be starting a locum position for 7 months at All Degrees Of Health in Essendon. Appointments can be made by calling (03) 9331 0951 starting in June 2015.


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